terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2008

But Itachi, u still saying lots and lots times league league, but...what is this?

Leagues are a weekly fight that happen 3 times per week, if u win u get a lak powder.
in leagues u have 4 division to participate :
1-Begginers : lvl 1-150 (no newbie packs allowed)
2-Advanced : lvl 151-255
3-HardCore : lvl 256-369
4-OP Division : Only for OPs (LOL its a V.I.P. fite, time to cheer for ur beloved OPs)

The main rules are :
1-Not Allowed +10 or above stuff
2-No anct weaps
3-No Mounts
4-No relocate inside of arena

For that rules only the 4rd one is applied to OP Division.

OP League

The OP league system actually still really bad, we still being forced to fight agains our friends and making we lost lots of friendships with dat, in the old times was really better blue team against red team, i want a change to everybody win together. To have more fun and keep our friendships.

OP payment is comming...are u happy?

6th of September we OPs will receive another monthly payment, but we need to agree we have so much work for a low payment, we need to high our voice and ask for a high on dat,
GMs pls attend our prays...

What to expect in my blog this season ?

Here i will tell a lil bit of my History, a lil bit of laughs and etc
Im really excited and i think my blog have chances to win this seasson cuz have a ''something more'' XD

(lol stalking MKReynolds)

segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2008

hehehe thats all for today hehehe

i hope u have enjoyed a lil bit of my history


To be Continued....

Wakakaka I am the Omni Subleader

LOL tag buged, destiny tag turned Omni tag lol

Bug Fixed by GMs

but was funny muahahaha

The First Day As OP

hehehe just introduced , me making my first water pt as op for Destiny